Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Rethinavelu

SIPMA is deeply indebted to Mr. Rethinavelu for his Support and guidance in integrating SIPMA into Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce and in helping paintbrush manufacturers represent their grievances to the government at various points of time. He was instrumental in liasing with the then tamilnadu government in bringing down the rate of Value Added Tax for paintbrushes. 7 landscape photographs of SIPMA events with Tamilnadu Chamber of commerce dignitaries


Thanks for providing useful guidance while
forming SIPMA and helping us to be part of
Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks for facilitating tax reduction for paintbrushes by coordinating with the finance ministry, giving a much needed impetus to the paintbrush industry.

Thanks for facilitating SIPMA to reach out to the press and media dignifying the industry and making paintbrush manufacture an attractive option for entrepreneurs.

Thanks for providing timely inputs on the ever changing laws relating to paintbrush manufacture and guiding members for legal compliance

Thanks for your unflagging enthusiasm in motivating SIPMA members to scale up and reach new markets from South India

Thanks for participating in most of the SIPMA
events. We feel very proud to be guided by
Tamilandu Chamber of Commerce.