Mr. Immanuel Dayal Walker

SIPMA is deeply indebted to Mr. Immanuel Dayal Walker for his proactive role in the formation of SIPMA and bringing together the south indian paintbrush manufacturing fraternity under one association.


Thanks for bringing the paintbrush manufacturers together under the SIPMA banner by mentoring and interacting with all manufacturers in south india

Thanks for spearheading various training programs on paintbrush manufacturing to both skilled and unskilled workers in the paintbrush industry

Thanks for taking South Indian Paintbrush Manufacturers to international trade shows helping to showcase SIPMA internationally

Thanks for actively parcticipating in our celebrations like during the first dupont filaments paintbrush export from south india

Thanks for encouraging SIPMA members by bringing DuPont’s many world leaders to SIPMA members’ facilities; recognizing the paintbrush making
fraternity at the global level

Thanks for helping foster good relationships among paintbrush manufacturers by sharpening their focus on paintbrush quality to compete in the international markets.

Thanks for being there for SIPMA members; a phone-call or email away to address and resolve any concerns in paintbrush industry (both technical and market related)